Live Now! SOTW Mag Packed with Summer Blockbuster Coverage, Mystic C4400 Cat and More

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Coming in at 94 photo-rich, entertaining pages, the July/August 2017 issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine is live now and can be downloaded at no charge by clicking here.

Here’s quick look at what you’ll find in this stunning issue.

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Inside SOTW Mag: Got You Covered

Constructed out of a personal necessity to keep his well-known Speed Racer-themed MTI catamaran clean upon arriving at offshore race sites around the country, the Marine Concepts travel cover has turned into a larger business than Missouri’s Randy Kent ever anticipated.

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In a matter of a few years and several patents later, Kent’s Marine Concepts in Osage Beach, Mo., has become the go-to travel cover company for many of the highest-end performance boats from the likes of MTI, Nor-Tech, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats, Skater Powerboats and more. It’s also a leader in semipermanent modular track system covers for all types of boats ranging from pontoons and cruisers to offshore V-bottoms and runabouts.

Concepts travel cover to keep Speedy clean, then Randy Scism (the owner and founder of MTI) saw it and asked me to do a couple of them for Team Abu Dhabi’s Class 1 raceboats,” Kent said. “He told some more customers about it and it took off from there. We’ve done a bunch of MTIs—everything from Rusty Rahm’s Wake Effects canopied raceboat and Gino Gargiulo’s Lamborghini-themed 48-footer to the turbine-powered Aqua-Mania and Craig Hargreaves’ boats, both his 52 MTI Spooled Up and his new 44-foot DCB.”

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Inside SOTW Mag: The Man Behind the Curtain

No matter how it is you know Todd Taylor, one of the last words you would come up with to describe the easygoing, long-haired Lake Havasu City, Ariz., boater is “retired.” Yet the man who is best known as the owner of Jokers Wild Productions and the ace photographer for Speedboat magazine is just that—he retired from the Santa Monica Police Department in 2000.

sotw taylor0617

Todd Taylor has been hanging out of helicopters shooting performance boats for many years. Photo by Erick Bryner/Firedrill Productions

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Inside SOTW Mag: Everybody Won In Erie


At the third annual Erie Poker Run, just making it back in one piece was a significant victory. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

While the Internet keyboard cowboys are still opining on how they would have handled the unruly three- to five-foot seas—with the odd six-footers and hellacious surprise holes in the water thrown in for good measure—better than those who actually did handle them in this year’s Erie Poker Run in Pennsylvania, here’s what those who participated, including one Apache driver with more than 2,000 hours of seat time in his 36-footer, know for sure: The water was vile and nasty.

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Inside SOTW Mag—Desert Storm Delivers The Goods


Some of the finest go-fast powerboat hardware on the planet gathered on Lake Havasu for the West’s biggest annual event.

Between the nearly 6,500 linear feet of displays at its Thursday Street Party, which has managed to maintain its luster for more than a decade, and Friday’s poker run, the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., proved to be another well-attended event with a laundry list of highlights.

Topping that list are some obvious ones—the overall presence of DCB Performance Boats, Pirate Cove Resort and the run leading to it, the hot new Nordic Boats 43-foot cat with twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines, Friday morning’s poker run start parade, a newly repowered canopied Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SV 53 V-bottom, an over-the-top Washington-based 52-foot MTI and Wednesday’s Krusin’ 4 Kids charity rides, which parlayed into a welcome party at Horizon Motorsports that evening.

And like many events, there were some not-as-positive aspects, including the postponement and eventual cancellation of the top-speed shootout, which left a bad taste in some participants’ mouths as the event was pushed back a week this year with hopes for better weather. The new expanded Power in the Park festival venue at Windsor Beach received mixed reviews with the most negative aspect being its proximity to the Nautical Beachfront Resort.

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