Brad Schoenwald (left) takes to the water with a student in a catamaran.Brad Schoenwald (left) takes to the water with a student in a catamaran.

Most folks who own high-performance powerboats—even for the first time—don’t want to be told how to drive them. First, most of them are guys, and guys don’t like to be to told, well, much of anything when it comes to operating machinery. Most guys consider the skill to drive anything, especially anything fast, something that simply comes with testosterone.

Second, most guys who own high-performance don’t lack for well-developed egos. So after they drop big bucks on a fast boat, pretty much the last thing they want is to have some other guy tell them how to drive it.

And yet that is exactly what most performance-boat drivers, novices and “experts” alike, sorely need. It’s also exactly what Tres Martin’s Performance Boat School, headquartered in Ocala, Fla., provides — not only in Ocala but in sessions around the country.

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