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Special Delivery: Nor-Tech 390 At Home In Turks and Caicos

A little less than 600 miles from Miami and splitting the tropical Atlantic Ocean difference between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos Islands are northing short of paradise. And now, thanks to a group of adventurous Canadians based out Cape Coral, Fla., they’re also home to Mike Shean’s new Nor-Tech 390 Sport Center Console.

nortechroadtrip 08

Thanks to a little help from his friends, Mike Shean’s new 39-foot Nor-Tech center console is now at home in Turks and Caicos (click image to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright Bob Barnhart.

Delivering the boat to Shean’s second home in those breathtaking islands was an ambitious undertaking—meaning four days and 900 miles on the water—that had been in the works for a year. With help charting the course from his good friend Bob Barnhart, who is always up for an adventure in his Mystic Powerboats M4200, and Raymond Roberts of Double R Performance, the Toronto, Canada-based Nor-Tech dealer that the sold the center console to Shean, the two-boat fleet set off to deliver the 39-footer in early February.

Scenes from a Turks and Caicos Nor-Tech delivery adventure, check out the slideshow above.

Their first stop was for lunch at Gilbert’s Resort Tiki Bar across the state in Key Largo. From there, they headed up to Miami and out the Biscayne Channel crossing the often-treacherous Gulf Stream to Bimini, where they spent the first night.

From Bimini, they made their way to Nassau, where they stopped for lunch and fuel, and spent the rest of the day exploring Allan Cay and checking out the dozens of iguanas that love the beach. They explored Compass Cay—where they swam with the sharks—and stopped for the night on Staniel Cay in the Exumas.

nortechroadtrip 09

After bidding farewell to part of the crew in Provo, Barnhart piloted Predator 2.0 back to the Exhumas (click image to enlarge).

The following morning they visited Big Major Cay to swim with the famous pigs, as well as swim in the nearby Thunderball Grotto where daredevil Mike Shean jumped through one of the holes in the roof of the cave to the water 20 feet below. From there, they made their way further south to Clarence Town on Long Island, where they spent the night.

The next morning, Shean and the Nor-Tech crew left Clarence Town, which was the last fuel stop on the final 275-mile leg to Provo at Turks At that point, Barnhart and his Team Predator 2.0 Mystic parted ways with Shean’s group and headed to the Exumas, where he spent much of February before returning to Florida.

nortechroadtrip 21A

This two-boat Canadian crew of Mike Shean, Pierre Brousseau, Ken Jensen, Raymond Roberts, Rob Hamilton, Armen Koroghlian, George Rosch and Bob Barnhart traveled 900 miles to make the delivery happen (click image to enlarge).

Editor’s Note: Meghan Brousseau is the president of the Performance Boat Club of Canada and Fort Myers Offshore board member. This is her first article for speedonthewater.com.

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