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What A Christmas Gift

Shopping for legendary throttleman Steve Curtis, one of the greatest offshore racers in the history of the sport, can’t be easy. Especially when you live with the British luminary, who likely doesn’t yearn for much.

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Check out the new website dedicated to world champion offshore racer Steve Curtis.

But that didn’t stop Abbie Curtis, Steve’s significant other of 11 years, from coming up with an incredible surprise gift for him, a Christmas present that he will remember forever. As will all of us who get to experience the gift that keeps on giving—a website dedicated to the racing career of the multi-time world champion: SteveCurtisMBE.com.

Pretty cool gift, huh? I sure thought so when I saw Abbie’s Facebook post on Christmas Day stating that she got Steve something he wouldn’t expect to get in a gift box, a URL.

“I hope it’s better than and socks and pants, ha ha,” Abbie wrote. “I just want you to know I am so proud of you. Although I sometimes go crazy with you always away racing, I really am proud of all you have done and continue to do. So this is your ‘Racing Life’ Steve Curtis. Have a great Christmas, darling, I love you.”

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