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Digging An Inside Look

While there are more than a few folks willing to learn how to use a camera—with varying levels of competence and success—to capture the high-performance powerboating world, there are precious few willing to learn how to write about it. It’s not because anyone can take a professional quality photo, far from it in fact, but photography is a lot more fun and immediately gratifying than writing.


For Wave-To-Wave digital magazine publisher Jared Powell, working with the speedonthewater.com test team was nothing short of a blast—and the feeling was mutual.

That’s why New York City-based Jared Powell, the publisher of Wave-To-Wave Performance Boat Magazine, an online publication, caught my attention for a speedonthewater.com commentary a little more than a year ago. Powell is a solid photographer, for sure, but he’s an even better writer, which makes sense given his day job of producing advertising copy.

So when it came time to find a third co-pilot for the trio of test teams we assembled for the inaugural Speedonthewater.com/Mercury Racing 400R Sport Catamaran Roundup last August, Powell was an easy choice. Far from along for the ride, a test team copilot has to gather all data during the testing protocols and then interview the professional test driver he’s been paired with.

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