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Slideshow Of The Week: The Colors That Bond Us

Like you, we know that flag-waving won’t eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic. On the flip side, few times in history have we ever needed to coalesce as a nation. The novel coronavirus crisis transcends whatever political and cultural differences we may have.

Because the key word in the “United States” is the first one.


WHM Motorsports owner Billy Mauff has always shown pride for his country on and off his boats. Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

So in looking for an Image Of The Week to round out this difficult week—and we strongly suspect that in the coming months we will look back on this week as an easy one—we wanted to present something that spoke to unity, community and country.

What better than the American flag, painted on high-performance powerboats? Several such boats and images immediately jumped to mind, so rather than selecting just one we gathered them into a single slideshow.

Check out the slideshow above for several patriotic-themed boats.

We hope it inspires you as these colors symbolize our bond as a nation. And that bond will get us through the difficult times ahead.

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