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Image Of The Week: Best. Magazine. Ever.

We admit the headline is a bit bold—then again we didn’t post this picture of all five Speed On The Water Year In Review magazines with the caption, “Best. Magazine. Ever.” That was courtesy of our Facebook friend and longtime loyal reader Phil Kemp, and truthfully, it was unexpected and unsolicited.

iotw kemp mags1

Iowa performance boater Phil Kemp is one of many readers who have a collection of all five Speed On The Water Year In Review magazines. Photos courtesy Phil Kemp

That said, who are we to argue with the Iowa performance boater who owns Phil’R Up, a picture-perfect Baja Marine 25 Outlaw (see slideshow below) that he’s done several updates to since purchasing it in 2015? We can’t—and given the rest of the feedback we’ve received since the magazines started arriving in mailboxes around the country a month ago, we know Kemp is not the only person who thinks that.

In short, we’d like to thank Kemp, who spends most of his time boating on Iowa’s Lake Okoboji and Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, for his complimentary post showing off his collection of magazines spread out across the sun pad of his 25-foot sportboat. And of course for his loyal readership.

Check out some more images of Phil’R Up, Phil Kemp’s 25-foot Baja, in the slideshow above.

We’d also encourage anyone who hasn’t picked up one of the 2019 Year In Review magazines to order a copy today. We—and our friend, Phil—promise you won’t be disappointed.

To order a copy of the 2019 collector’s edition magazine, or one of the past issues, click here.

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