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In the Lead Video Series Flashback: Bob Teague Of Teague Custom Marine

Between the two of us, we’ve probably spent more time next to Bob Teague in high-performance powerboats than anyone. That came with the territory of writing for Southern California-based Powerboat magazine—where Teague led the publication’s boat-test program—for a combined 20-plus years. From hundreds of triple-digit boat rides to thousands of laughs and, OK, a few hairy moments, the experience of working as a co-pilot/data collector for the world’s best-known performance-boat test driver was remarkable.

No one is more dedicated to the high-performance marine industry than Bob Teague.

But Teague, who founded Teague Custom Marine in Valencia, Calif., was more than the magazine’s lead man behind the wheel. He continually worked to refine Powerboat’s testing protocols. He strove for precision and repeatability. He pushed hard to coax out every bit of performance from every boat he tested. If he thought a boat could do better at one drill or another, he did it again. And again.

And again.

His work ethic was legendary at the magazine. If you weren’t early, you were late. Being the last guy to arrive at the launch ramp, even though the sun was still 20 minutes from showing up, was the last thing you wanted unless you were looking for Teague to greet you by growling, “Buenos tardes.”

Of course, shepherding Powerboat’s testing program was just one of Teague’s accomplishments. He served his country in Cambodia. He served Los Angeles as a fire captain. Teague Custom Marine became one of the premier powerboat engine-building, rigging, renovation, service outfits on the West Coast—and still is. Along the way, the man behind it earned multiple world championships across several racing disciplines.

Short version? The high-performance marine world wasn’t just Teague’s vocation. It was his avocation, and no one in the history of the industry has better-blended the two.

Want to learn more? Watch the video.

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