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In The Lead Video Series On Kruis Control

On Wednesday morning, I stepped dead-center into a pile of horse manure inside Chris “Booger” Brown’s stable—yeah, that Booger Brown, the guy from “The Cowboy Way” reality show on YouTube. I was on location to shoot “In The Lead with Kruis Retherford,” the remarkable woman who owns Glasstream/GSX Powerboats in Dothan, Ala., with the Scrapyard Media team and I had just put on my cowboy boots.

Behind the wheel of a 36-foot GSX Powerboats center console or on the back of a horse, Glasstream/GSX Powerboats company owner Kruis Retherford knows exactly where she’s going. Photos courtesy/copyright Scrapyard Media.

Horse manure happens, of course, and I chalked it up as one of the more unexpected experiences in the ever-glamorous life of a working reporter. From flying with Fountain Powerboats chief operating officer and pilot Jeff Harris in a private airplane to quaffing fine wine with noteworthy offshore racers Steve Curtis and Marc Granet, pretty much everything about co-producing In The Lead documentary video series with speedonthewater.com’s Jason Johnson and Scrapyard Media has been unexpected. And unforgettable.

Now I can add stepping in horse manure on a real working ranch to the list.

Still, it begs the question: What brought us to this rural, pecan tree-filled property just south of the middle of nowhere?

Kruis Retherford is the only woman who owns a high-performance powerboat company.

Retherford is a horsewoman—it’s part of her fabric and essential to her story—and Brown is one of her friends. She’s also the only woman who owns a high-performance powerboat company. The only sensation she enjoys as much as the freedom of horseback riding is that of speed on the water. Her story is one of determination and not taking no for an answer.

Retherford didn’t shatter the glass ceiling on her way to success. She pulverized it. The woman has sand—and you’ll get to know her in an upcoming episode of In The Lead, which will air on the Speed On The Water YouTube channel in October.

Retherford rode Hank, one of Booger Brown’s horses, for a segment of her upcoming In The Lead video.

In the meantime, I have a pair of boots that need a proper cleaning.

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