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In The Know Videos Showcase Behind-The-Scenes Shakers And Movers

So a couple of artists from Michigan, a California craftsman with a mean sewing machine and a real estate agent from Missouri walk into a bar together …

OK, that didn’t really happen. But if it did they’d have more in common than you might think beyond being the first three subjects of the “In The Know” video series—the short-format companion series to the second-year “In The Lead” video series produced by Speed On The Water and Scrapyard Media, and primarily powered by Mercury Racing with additional support from CP Performance, Hardin Marine, MYCO Trailers, Race World Offshore and Waves and Wheels.

In case you’ve been living under a dock somewhere in the British Virgin Islands and haven’t caught either “In The Know” or “In The Lead,” the artists are Steve and Jake Schulte, a father-and-son duo of painters at Skater Powerboats. The craftsman is Raul Martinez at DCB Performance Boats. The founder of the Horsepower Hottie line of women’s apparel, Nikki Sorenson of Swift and Co. Realty is the real estate agent.

So what do they share in addition to being the first three stars of the “In The Know” series? First, they’re all exceptional at their jobs. Second, they are passionate about their work. Third, they’re excellent representatives of the high-performance powerboating world.

Unless you caught their “In The Know” episodes, there’s a good chance you may never have heard of them because they are mostly behind-the-scenes types. While company founder Peter Hledin is rightly the first person who comes to mind when you think of the Skater brand, Steve and Jake Schulte design and apply the graphics for most of the catamarans that leave the factory in Douglas, Mich.

A member of the four-person DCB owners group, Tony Chiaramonte is the face of the El Cajon, Calif., company. But the dude who designs and executes the immaculate interiors for DCB is Raul Martinez.

Though it’s far from guaranteed, there’s a better chance you’ve heard of Nikki Sorenson, who could be considered the unofficial-official ambassador of the Lake of the Ozarks in the go-fast boating world. To borrow from the Plimsouls Song, Sorenson is everywhere at once at the Central Missouri waterway. When she’s not selling the daylights out of real estate at the lake, she’s representing her brand (and often speedonthwater.com). When she’s not selling or repping, she’s out on the water with her husband, Chuck, in their 38-foot Scarab V-bottom.

The point of Speed On The Water’s longer-format, documentary-style “In The Lead” video series produced by Scrapyard Media is to spotlight some of the best-known and most-influential figures in the high-performance marine industry in approximately 10-minute segments. But the truth is that in a world filled with bright new shiny objects and next big things, that’s more time than a lot of people have or are willing to give up to watch a video.

That’s where “In The Know” comes in. Each segment runs two to four minutes. It’s what Mercury Racing marketing manager Andrea Jansen calls “snackable content.” And before the end of the year, Scrapyard Media’s Brad DiMaggio and Ryan Wenk will produce several more of those tasty video snacks (with a little help from their friends at speedonthewater.com, of course).

Who’s up next in the “In The Know” series? You’ll have to wait to find out—but there are seven more episodes coming.

As for “In The Lead,” the most recent episode featuring MTI founder Randy Scism debuted earlier this month. And you can expect to enjoy “In The Know” series episodes featuring Tyler Miller of M CON offshore racing team fame, Stephen Miles Design owner and painting whiz Stephen Miles, and the force of nature that is Bob Teague of Teague Custom Marine to later this year.

Or you can just return to your spot under a dock in the BVI and wait for your friends to find you and tell you about them.

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