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Images From Poker Run Dalarna : Day Two

Here is the only bad thing I can say so far about my experience covering this weekend’s Poker Run Dalarna, about three hours north of Stockholm in Sweden: I still can’t get the taste of Swedish caviar—not the tiny delicate orbs of salty fish roe you think of but a thick brownish paste that comes from an industrial plastic tube—out of my mouth. That I “enjoyed” it on half of a semi-boiled egg made the experience that much more memorable.

dalarnadya2 23

At Poker Run Dalarna, everyone has a good time.

I have tried everything from brushing my teeth several times a day to drinking heavily, and all that once lay on the bottom of sea is still vividly melded to the back of my throat.

No matter, this comes with the territory of international travel and if you’re not willing to experience new sights, sounds, tastes and smells, you should stay home. But if you want to experience performance boating at is most passionate level, you need a trip to Sweden, where you will be welcome with open arms and full glasses.

For more images from Poker Run Dalarna check out the slideshow above.

Forget that you won’t understand a lick of what anyone has to say—something I discovered immediately at this weekend’s Poker Run Dalarna outside the Swedish city of Falun. Most Swedes, most Europeans for that matter, speak excellent English (which makes the “English only” movement back home a bit of a headscratcher for me, but I’m funny that way).

I could run numbers—approximately 55 boats and 600 people with thousands more watching from the shore—and drop names—Apache, Baja, Cigarette, Formula, Fountain, Magic, Outerlimits, Wellcraft and more—and it wouldn’t begin to describe this event, which is based out of the Frimby Udde Resort, complete with cabins and RV camp sites, on the shores of Lake Runn. And none of that would do justice to the beautiful people here, much less tell their stories. I’m a long way from wrapping my head around this event and writing a feature for the next Speed On The Water digital magazine. This is just a photo essay.

Plus, I have the Smedjebackens Poker Run to cover next weekend.

But this much I know. First, I’m all in. Second, I don’t have to try the Swedish caviar again.

dalarnadya2 05

Helmich Hilllen and his friend Nando drove 24 hours from Holland to run Hillen’s 27-foot Checkmate in the event (click image to enlarge).

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