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Image Of The Week: Year-Round Salutes

American flag graphics abound in the high-performance powerboat world—and we never get tired of seeing them. On or off the water, red, white and blue are the colors that bind us.

Chris and Quinn LaMorte, who also own a 36-foot Skater, ran their 28-footer in the Sarasota Blast the Bay Fun Run last weekend. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix/speedonthewater.com.

For the owners of such flag-themed boats, every day is the Fourth of July. They don’t have to fly flags. They drive them year-round. (But as you’ll notice in the image above, some do that, too.)

Last weekend, Chris and Quinn LaMorte of New Jersey ran their flag-dressed 28-foot Skater Powerboats catamarans in the Sarasota Blast On The Bay Fun Run. The week before, B.J. and Ashely Bailey of Missouri piloted their patriotic Cigarette Racing Team 38 Top Gun V-bottom—appropriately dubbed Patriot—in the 10th annual Cigarette Owners Rendezvous sponsored and produced by Performance Boat Center.

B.J. and Ashely Bailey’s Cigarette Racing Team 38 Top Gun called Patriot turned heads at the Cigarette Owners Rendezvous sponsored last month.

With so many fireworks displays cancelled around the country as casualties of COVID-19 social distancing, we thought—courtesy of the LaMortes, the Baileys and speedonthewater.com chief photographer Peter Boden—we’d deliver some of our own.

Happy July 4.

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