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Image of the Week: Win’s Colorado River Caper

What do you get when you combine a close-knit family celebrating a 40th birthday, two helicopters with a couple of photographers on board the smaller one, a slew of high performance powerboats including one iconic silver 41-foot catamaran from DCB Performance Boats and the annual mid-October Monster Bash Poker Run on Lake Havasu in Arizona? You get one amazing adventure, courtesy of birthday boy Win Farnsworth, the Denver, Colo.-based owner of Silver Lining, the first DCB M-41 built.


To catch this air-to-air image of a Eurocopter C130 above the Colorado River transporting the Farnsworth family to Lake Havasu, photographer Jay Nichols trailed the aircraft in a smaller Robinson 44 helicopter. Click image to enlarge. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

We’ll save the details of this feature-worthy story for the upcoming November/December issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine. In the meantime, enjoy this image from Jay Nichols, who shared his photographic perch with well-known shooter Todd Taylor, a longtime to contributor to Hot Boat, Performance Boats—and now—Speedboat magazines.

Editor’s Note: To download the most recent issue (Sept./Oct.) of Speed On The Water digital magazine, click here.