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Image Of The Week: When Big Air Is Small Consolation

Fortune was not kind to the Super Stock-class Performance Boat Center team of Myrick Coil and Rusty Williams last Saturday during the 39th annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix. One moment they were in a see-saw battle with Sean Conner and John Tomlinson in their CMR 32-foot MTI catamaran. Performance Boat Center was faster on the backside of the course, CMR was faster on the front. The checkered flag was up for grabs.

Of all the images captured by Pete Boden of Shoot 2 Thrill Pix during last weekend’s races in Sarasota, Fla., this was the coolest.

Until it wasn’t. Performance Boat Center broke an outboard engine mount and its race was done. CMR went on to take the victory.

But the fight for the checkered flag sure was fun while it lasted.

Not long before Coil and Williams slowed, they took the flyer of the weekend in their 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran. And as always, speedonthewater.com chief photographer Peter Boden nailed the shot.

Of course, we know that having your raceboat showcased as an Image of the Week is small consolation for losing an offshore race in the final laps. We know the photo above would be a whole lot sweeter mounted on a wall with a checkered flag behind it.

Still, it’s at least a little better than nothing.

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