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Image Of The Week: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Sorting through hundreds of images last week’s four Southwest Florida go-fast boating events, from the Munyan Lunch Run on Thursday to the Fort Myers Offshore Holiday Lunch Run on Sunday, for our coverage was a big job. With the exception of the Munyan happening, we ran all stories on the day they happened. That’s the nature of daily reporting, of course, but it makes for an elevated work-pace. And now and then we miss a gem.

Heading home on 1,200 horsepower instead of 1,600 ponies. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Or in the case of this Image of the Week, a gem of a bummer.

The shot in question came out of Saturday’s Joey Gratton Memorial New Year’s Day Fun Run in Sarasota—and it’s probably never one you’d like to see if the boat in the photo happens to be yours. Losing a propeller is always a hassle, and often an expensive one.

We don’t know who owns this quad outboard engine-powered center console or who else was on board. But unless they were heading to grab a spare prop from a friend, we are reasonably sure the ride home took a little longer than usual.

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