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Image of the Week: Tough Guys

OK, we have to admit, this Image of the Week, courtesy of Shogren Performance Marine’s Scott Sjogren, made us chuckle. We’re not sure if well-known performance-boat enthusiast and frequent Skater catamaran owner Ron Szolack and Skater Powerboats company founder/owner Peter Hledin are trying to “look tough” on the latest Mystic Powerboats M3900 performance center console or if they just don’t want their picture taken. Regardless, their expressions are priceless.

hledinszolack 01

“You talking to us?” Ron Szolack and Peter Hledin get serious (click image to enlarge). Photo by Tony Esposito courtesy of Scott Sjogren/Shogren Performance Marine.

Capping it off is Sjogren—grinning widely—in the background. Maybe he knows something his passengers do not. Maybe he’s just happy to have to have them aboard. Maybe it’s something else.

“Ron has an M3900 being built,” said Sjogren. “Peter hasn’t ordered one yet.”

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