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Sneak Peek: The Guitar Heroes Of High-Performance

Despite snow falling for much of last week in Fond du Lac, Wis., the mood inside an obscure Mercury Racing facility stayed smoking hot. That’s because Speed On The Water and Scrapyard Media transformed the humble structure into a video studio. And it was one complete with the company’s bubble windows, the kind you find at the nearby Mercury Racing headquarters and the Lake X testing center in St. Cloud, Fla.

Mercury Racing’s Steve Miller (left) and Peter Roberts of Double R Performance performed for a five-person audience at a secret location in Fond du Lac, Wis., last week. Photos copyright speedonthewater.com.

As it a happened, an electric guitar jam-session featuring Mercury Racing’s director of customer experience Steve Miller and Double R Performance co-owner Peter Roberts “broke out” in the makeshift studio.

Full disclosure? We did our homework and asked them to bring the instruments for a new video series—separate from the upcoming third season of “In The Lead“—we are producing for Mercury Racing.

Miller and Roberts are accomplished musicians. Miller plays guitar and sings for Western Swing band dubbed Remington’s Ride, which plays all over Wisconsin. Roberts pumps out blistering lead-guitar rock solos just for kicks at his home in the Toronto, Canada, area, and every now and then he showcases his virtuosity in Facebook videos.

Steve Miller has been playing guitar for more than 30 years.

Both dudes are passionate and deeply knowledgeable when it comes their preferred musical genres. Both keep adding fine guitars they know they’ll never part with to their already extensive collections.

And both can flat out play. Each delivered a solo featuring his favorite riff that dropped every jaw in the room. And then, having never played a lick with one another, they jammed together and blew us all away.

Despite a canceled flight and a tight travel window, Peter Roberts came all the way from Canada to jam with Steve Miller.

Editor’s note: Look for announcement soon on the new Speed On The Water video series.