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Image Of The Week: Skater Life Before Mavrik And Mavrik II

Interviewing Michigan’s David Schaller for an upcoming Speed On The Water digital magazine feature on his fiery Skater Powerboats 388 catamaran called Mavrik II, I learned that the Schaller family has been part of the Skater family since before the 32-year-old was born. Schaller’s father, Roger, and uncles Al and Justin owned Skater 24 catamaran hull No. 3.

David Schaller’s father, Roger, and uncle Justin (pictured) owned the third 24-foot Skater the company built.

The outboard-powered cat was built in 1985 and the brothers Schaller—a couple of inboard hydroplane racers—came to know Skater founder Peter Hledin through the build. (During the years, Hledin often has called the 24-footer his favorite model.)

In 2000, Roger Schaller stepped into the stern-drive Skater realm with a new 32-footer dubbed Mavrik. That inspired his son to order a Skater 388 of his own from the the Douglas, Mich., builder some 20 years later.

Roger Schaller turns 82 years old this Sunday. Al Schaller is 83 years old. Justin Schaller died in 2008. But their Skater family adventure lives on, and it all started with a sweet little 24-footer.

Editor’s Note: Look for a profile of David Schaller’s Mavrik II Skater 388 catamaran in the next issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, which will go live by the end of the month.

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