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Image Of The Week: Seventy Six Falls

With the Lake Cumberland Poker Run going off in Kentucky this weekend, there won’t be a whole lot of quiet time at State Dock, the event’s host venue, or pretty much anywhere else in the area. The annual end-of-season happening is a high-energy affair, the last organized go-fast boating event of the year on the lake, and its participants are dedicated to fully enjoying it.

Even with the sound of water falling more than 80 feet, Seventy Six Falls will be one of the quietest destinations for Lake Cumberland Poker Run participants this weekend. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

But for a break from the massive crowd, a trip up Indian Creek to Seventy Six Falls in Clinton County is a pleasant diversion from the mayhem. The water feature isn’t completely quiet—it is, after all, a waterfall with an 84-foot plunge to the pool below—but it is a worthwhile departure from the nonstop action.

How the falls came by their name is a subject of debate, according to the Clinton County Tourism Commission website.

“Seventy Six Falls may have been named for the nearby community of Seventy Six, Kentucky,” according to a description on the site. “There is a popular belief that it was named for its height before the impoundment of Lake Cumberland, but the height is actually about 84 feet. At normal pool of the lake the height is 38 feet. Another assertion is that the waterfall was named for the number of breaks, or small falls, on Indian Creek just before the cataract, but that is unlikely; clearly defining a specific number of such breaks is impossible because of varying water flow and small differences between them.”

Whatever the reason behind its name, Seventy Six Falls will be a popular destination this weekend.

Especially for a little downtime.

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