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Image of the Week: Potent Vintage Red

In American Power Boat Association historian Fred Farley’s story, “The Saga of Ron Snyder,” published in June 2011, Farley writes that the Unlimited hydroplane racing legend of Miss Madison fame “has distinguished himself in everything from Limited Inboards to Unlimited hydroplanes to APBA Vintage craft.” (To read the comprehensive and entertaining story on Snyder’s remarkable racing career, click here.) Most recently, Snyder made a driving appearance on the vintage side in the elegant U-36 hydroplane during the Spring Thunder event last weekend on Lake Dora in Tavares, Fla.


Ron Snyder—timeless in the U-36 vintage hydroplane on Lake Dora last weekend. Photo courtesy Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix. (Click image to enlarge.)

Photographer Pete Boden, a man who appears to be everywhere at once if raceboats of any vintage are involved, was on hand to bring home the action. Like us at speedonthewater.com, Boden is a big fan of older raceboats, as well as their most current counterparts. Like us, he appreciates the history of what brought the go-fast powerboat-racing world to where it is now. And Boden’s passion and commitment show not just in his dedication to travel to relatively obscure and sometimes distant events, but in the care he always takes in capturing them.

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