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Image of the Week: Party Cove PFD Float

There are countless “party coves” on the nation’s waterways, and on any given summer weekend they can live up to their names. But the Harmon Creek section of Kentucky’s Lake Cumberland has developed something of a national reputation for good-time aquatic revelry. What goes in Party Cove generally stays in Party Cove.

That’s why when photographer Jay Nichols sent speedonthewater.com a batch of choices from the recent Lake Cumberland Poker Run for this week’s Image of the Week, I struggled to find one I could use (after all, my 14-year-old daughter occasionally checks out speedonthewater.com) without blushing.


Party Cove float, Harmon Creek style. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

“I heard mention that the party cove has become so popular it is hurting participation in the run,” says Nichols said. “I believe it—spectacular energy there, but well-managed considering the volume.”

I settled on the image above for a few reasons. First, everyone in the photo is clothed. Second, everyone appears to be having a good time. And third, almost everyone is putting his and her PFD to really good use.