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Image of the Week, Part II: A-Bay Formation

A self-described amateur photographer just trying to “get his feet wet,” Rodney Olson captured this gem of three V-bottoms running side by side at the start of Poker Run America’s Alexandria Bay “Hall of Fame” Poker Run in New York earlier this month. The run is the second event of the organization’s 2013 season—between now and October, Poker Runs America will put on six events.

High-performance boats running in formation make for a classic image. Photo courtesy/copyright Rodney Olson.

High-performance boats running in close formation make for a classic image. (Click image to enlarge for full frame.) Photo courtesy/copyright Rodney Olson.

“They had just started the run and were coming up to speed,” said Olson, who lives in Churchville, N.Y. “I had not even realized that I had taken the shot with the boats stacked up like that until I was going over them later. I was trying to track 30-plus boats going by me, and I just started pointing and shooting.”

Sometimes pointing and shooting, especially when you’re shooting high-performance powerboats, is exactly what it takes. Sometimes not. Regardless, Olson appears to be well beyond getting his feet wet in the go-fast boat photography game.