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Image of the Week Part II: 21 and Over

In what ended up being a fairly destructive weekend on the Columbia River—which isn’t good for the H1 Unlimited teams as they’ll have to work hastily to repair their boats for this weekend’s Seattle Seafair race—the biggest crash of the day was caught by longtime hydroplane photographer Owen Blauman.

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Jamie Nilsen goes airborne in the Lakeridge Paving Co. boat during the HAPO Columbia Cup final race. Photo by Owen Blauman

While racing in the HAPO Columbia Cup, Jamie Nilsen, driver of the Go Fast Turn Left Racing team’s U-21 Lakeridge Paving Co. unlimited hydroplane, caught some unexpected air at an estimated 147 mph during the final race in Kennewick, Wash., on Sunday. Nilsen, 28, of Federal Way, Wash., suffered only minor injuries. Check out the YouTube video of the crash to the right.

According to reports, the impact from the crash caused the completely destroyed boat to almost fold in two places. The final was re-run and the victory was awarded to Jimmy Shane in Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison boat (read the story). The race also marked the return of 60-year-old veteran driver Dave Villwock, who was involved in two different accidents during the weekend’s competition.

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