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Image of the Week: New York, NY

New York City’s Hudson River is a big, bold stage with one of the world’s most iconic skylines in its background, and still this Skater catamaran manages to stand out in this Tim Sharkey photoThe New Jersey-based ace photographer took to the river by boat and by shoreline to capture last weekend’s New York City Poker Run (read the story), and though the event was small it yielded plenty of big photo opportunities.


One word describes this image of a Skater cat on the Hudson River with the Freedom Tower and more in the background: breathtaking. Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images

Sharkey came back with dozens of digital candidates for our Image of the Week selection, but with go-fast boats a little scarce on the water that day it became even more important to him that he find something relevant to overall scene. “I was trying to find something with a landmark in it,” he said.

Midway through last night’s image sorting process, he found it—a Skater cat on the Hudson River sharing the frame with the Freedom Tower.

We’re pretty sure that most people near Sharkey when he took this photo missed this moment. New York City produces enough constant visual stimulation to create sensory overload, so moments are easy to miss. But Tim Sharkey didn’t miss it, and that’s why we’re bringing it to you.

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