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Image Of The Week: Michigan City Or Bimini?

In 2017, Offshore Powerboat Association racers with gumption traveled to Bimini in The Bahamas for the first and last Resorts World Grand Prix. Given the cost and transportation hurdles involved, it was a challenging endeavor and a second-year event didn’t happen. Take nothing away from OPA head Ed Smith and organizer Roger Berkon. Their ambition was admirable.

For a few moments last Sunday, Lake Michigan went tropical for offshore racer Gary Ballough. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Plus, their considerable efforts and those of the 20-plus teams that participated enabled speedonthewater.com photographer Pete Boden to come back with some of the most breathtaking offshore racing images of his career. “Bimini water,” as it’s called by those lucky enough to have seen it firsthand, is a thing.

Among the finest shots Boden nailed during his time on the tiny Bahamian island was one of veteran racer Gary Ballough running FJ Propeller, his former Super Stock-class 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran. White catamaran flying across crazy-blue water—what’s not to love about that?

Flash forward four years and change. Boden is shooting the Great Lakes Grand Prix in Michigan City, Ind., and Lake Michigan is doing its best Bimini-blue imitation and Ballough again finds himself in Boden’s frame, though this time the Florida-based racer is running his current 32-foot Victory FJ Propeller cat in the Super Stock ranks.

Bimini water? No, not even close. But gorgeous nonetheless.

The original image of FJ Propeller in Bimini in 2017.

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