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Image Of The Week: Meet Lucas LaMorte—Skater’s Youngest Fan

Catch them young and you have a customer for life. That marketing axiom stands the test of time. And, more often than not, product loyalty starts with the parents of the future consumer.

The future of Skater Powerboats is in good hands with the likes of Lucas LaMorte. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Which bring us to the case of young Lucas LaMorte, the four-month-old son of Chris and Quinn LaMorte. Well-known in the go-fast boating community, especially among the Skater Powerboats faithful, the New Jersey-based couple has an equally well-known 36-foot Skater catamaran often found plying the waters of Southwest Florida.

That boat was absent, thanks to its Mercury Racing 700SCi sterndrive engines, from last weekend’s third annual Outboard Skater Fun Run in the Sunshine State. But the LaMorte family was there and its youngest member was decked out in size super-freaking-small Skater gear.

As reported yesterday on speedonthewater.com, Chris LaMorte caught a ride in a 28-foot Skater cat he used to own and sold to a friend. His lovely wife and adorable little boy met him at Friday’s lunch stop.

Seat-time in his parents’ 36-footer is in the not-too-distance future for Lucas LaMorte.

How many four-month-olds make it to Skater-specific events? No one keeps numbers on such things, but “not many” seems like a reasonable answer based on my admittedly limited experience. And years down the road, that’s a distinction Lucas LaMorte can and likely will claim.

Catch them young.

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