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Image of the Week: Low Altitude At High Speed

If ever the expression, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” applied, that guy is Win Farnsworth of Denver, Colo. First, between his 50-foot turbine-powered Low Altitude Mystic catamaran and his 41-foot piston-powered Silver Lining catamaran from DCB Performance Boats, as well as the assorted tow rigs and support vehicles for the two boats, Farnsworth’s hardware display was the best of the Desert Storm Poker Run Street Party last Thursday in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Second, Farnsworth and his throttleman Christopher Kissinger took top honors in Saturday’s top-speed Shootout with a 182-mph run, the fastest speed posted to date in the history of the liquid-mile event, in the 50-footer.

Said Farnsworth yesterday as he headed back to Denver from Arizona, “Now we go home, take a breather and do it all again.” All photos courtesy/copyright Erick Bryner/Firedrill Productions (click image to enlarge).

Saturday’s blustery conditions had little to no effect on Farnsworth and Kissinger during their three runs.

“It was kind of surprising,” Farnsworth said. “The lake was pretty bad everywhere else, but the course is tucked into a corner and it wasn’t too bad. We got a little wind on our last pass, but it wasn’t unreasonable by any means. Our biggest limitation was just having seat time in the boat. I was happy with what we got. The boat ran flawlessly and the guys from Turbine Motorsports down here spent a couple of days going through it. To be candid, we probably could have gotten a little more speed but I made a driving error. There was a little turn near the end of the course that I didn’t manage well.

“The people (on shore and in the spectator fleet) were cheering,” he added. “I could hear them when I opened the hatch. It made them feel good, and it made us feel good.”

Low Altitude did more than provide a great show last Saturday. The cat raised approximately $2,000 for Desert Storm’s local charities—rides in the incredible machine were auctioned off.

Far from idle, Silver Lining served as Friday’s poker run ride for Farnsworth and his brother, Fred, his nephew, Austin, and Kissinger. Melissa Farnsworth, his wife, opted for pool time at the hotel over the poker run.

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Low Altitude put on a great show, as you can see from the slideshow above.

“We took it easy out there,” Farnsworth said. “Melissa enjoyed herself and we caught up with her afterward.”

Next up for Low Altitude is Missouri’s annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in August.

“Right now, we’re tired,” Farnsworth said. “Running two boats is a lot of work. We have a great group of guys in our crew. So now we go home, take a breather and do it all again.”

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