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Image of the Week: Long Island Expressway

On any given day—just three days ago for example—the Long Island Expressway can become New York’s favorite parking lot. Big Apple dwellers seeking escape downtime on the beach often learn firsthand what happens when you have too many cars and too little pavement. Throw in a little rain-caused flooding and a holiday weekend and the traffic snarl gets even worse.


Traffic, what traffic? The Long Island Expressway redefined by a fleet of performance boats. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

But a little more than a week ago, 32-performance boats redefined the “Long Island Expressway” when they took to the protected waters of the Great Bay for the National Power Boat Association’s Long Island Stampede Poker Run. And while they had their own kind of rush hour, they encountered no traffic jams.

From all of us at speedonthwater.com: May you have the finest Memorial Day spent among family and friends. Beyond the good times on the water or wherever the day finds you, may your day serve the memory of those who sacrificed all—for all of us.

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