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Image of the Week: Lake Winnebago Beat Down

Unike Lake Michigan a mere 73 miles east, Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago isn’t particularly notorious for rough conditions. That said, like any body of water with enough wind applied it can get nasty as participants in last weekend’s Four Horsemen Poker Run quickly discovered.

fountainbeakwinnebago 01

Beak alert—this Fountain sportboat displaced major water during the Four Horsemen Poker Run (click image to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright Anthony Scioli/Elite Poker Runs LLC.

Enjoying the event for the time was Anthony Scioli of Elite Poker Runs LLC (read the story) with his friend Dave Weschler, who brought his Outerlimits 39 Quattro sportboat to the event. The 39-footer turned out to be just enough V-bottom for the wind-whipped three- to four-footers on the 28-mile-long waterway. When not hanging on for dear life and “getting bounced around at 90 mph,” Scioli even managed to shoot a few pictures of other boats—including the Fountain above—dealing with the rough stuff.

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