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Image Of The Week: Lake Michigan Strikes Back

As long as high-performance powerboat enthusiasts have strong opinions they offer freely—meaning for the rest of eternity—the silly debate on whether the Great Lakes can be as rough as oceans will rage on. Certainly, the largest waves in recorded history have been in oceans. Then again, the Great Lakes have seen more than a few commercial ships perish in high seas.

formulaboyne 01

But it’s just a lake, right? (Click image to enlarge.) Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

We have no dog in this fight. We offer no opinion on the subject. But we do have the image above from last Thursday’s mostly aborted Boyne Thunder Poker Run lunch trek to Bay Harbor from Boyne City, Mich. And it’s fair to say that Lake Michigan was in a less-than-playful mood that day.

By any measure or body of water—lake or ocean—the water in the image above qualifies as rough, as the folks in this Formula FAS3Tech sportboat learned firsthand when they cleared the channel between Round Lake and Lake Michigan. (Check out their mostly wet clothing.) Wise people that they are, they wasted no time heading back to calmer water.

Of course, one photo does not end the silly but entertaining lake-versus ocean-debate. But it does make us glad we weren’t in the boat.

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