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Image of the Week: Island Hopping

With the fourth round of the Australian Superboat V8 Championships coming up next weekend in Cabarita Beach, New South Wales, we thought this was the perfect time for a totally aired-out jetboat shot from the series. And thanks to media representative Sean Henshelwood of the Australian Formula Jet Sprint Association, we found a doozy.

frankenstein 01

While we can’t tell from the photo above, we’re pretty sure the occupants in the jetboat above are hoping for a water landing (click image to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright Russell Puckeridge/Pureart Creative Images.

With up to 1,500-hp single-engine power, it’s not uncommon for “Jetsprints,” as they’re known Down Under to exit and reenter their narrow, undulating dug-out canal courses during the same lap. Minus a propeller, an aluminum hull at speed can slide over grass and dirt with relative ease. But in the case of the boat in the image above, the vessel didn’t run over dry land—it flew over it.

We’re not sure if the boat made it back to the water, but given its level flight we imagine it had a decent landing.