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Image Of The Week: Inside Peek At DCB’s Red-Hot M37R

Last week, as a bit of teaser for the Speed On The Water 2020 Year In Review print issue, which is now on sale here, we showcased a couple of images of the second M37R Widebody catamaran from DCB Performance Boats built for longtime DCB owner Brad Macaulay of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. With a special presentation of the boat planned for the upcoming Year In Review magazine, we didn’t want to give away too many of photographer Tom Leigh’s gems of the spectacular 37-footer in action on the Colorado River in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

DCB continues to take its boats to new levels as exhibited with its second M37R Widebody. Photos by Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images

But after receiving Leigh’s detail images over the weekend of the M37R and its luxurious six-seat cockpit, which more closely resembles a high-end sportscar than a performance boat, we couldn’t help ourselves again and had to share a couple of teaser pictures.

The team at DCB also couldn’t help itself as it posted a couple of photos on social media over the weekend. While scanning the various images, we were mesmerized by the precise detail and the richness of the boat’s interior. Not only does everything about it appear clean, opulent and well-designed, the overall look screams high-speed thanks to an angular acceleration design carried from the seats to the console to the black and tan upholstery.

Anyone else itching to grab the Mercury Racing Digital Zero Effort Controls, grip the matte black steering wheel, press your feet up against the finely crafted footrest and feel the acceleration provided by the twin Mercury Racing 450R engines attached to the 37-foot full-tunnel cat by a pair of STR X-Act brackets? One can dream, right?

We’re going to stop ourselves here and remind you to pre-order your copy of the Year In Review issue so you can enjoy more amazing pictures of Macaulay’s M37R Widebody and many other new models that hit the water in 2020.

Another look—again. The rest will have to wait.

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