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Image of the Week: In Flight With No Movie

Most of us like to think we’ve experienced “big air” in a high-performance powerboat. But the truth is, most of us haven’t come close to the kind of flight the folks in this Cigarette experienced a couple of years ago during the Atlantic City Poker Run.


Logging serious hang time in the Atlantic Ocean outside Barnegat Bay, N.J. Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images.

“It was big water that day,” said Tim Sharkey, the photographer who nailed this shot from a helicopter above the Atlantic Ocean just outside Holgate Inlet. “Boats were flying everywhere—at least the boats that were willing to go outside were flying. A lot of people chose to run on the inside in Barnegat Bay.”

Not a bad call—running inside—for those who aren’t big fans of spinal compression and other such delights.

In any big-air situation in a go-fast boat, there are two distinct stages of emotion. The first is “Oh my god, we’re flying” exhilaration. The second is “Oh my god, we’re going to have to land” terror.

When it comes to big air in boat, exhilaration and terror go hand in hand—that’s a fact. Just ask the driver and passengers in this Cigarette.

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