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Image of the Week: Herding Cats

Photographer Jay Nichols returned from the late-September Dave’s Custom Boats Regatta on Lake Havasu in Arizona with shot after shot after of DCB catamarans kicking spectacular roostertails high into the clear desert air. Clicking our way through his Flckr Gallery, we found lots of images of cats running fast in pairs, but no “large group” running shots.


If you’re going to try herding cats, you need an event like the annual DCB Regatta. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

Except for the one above, which we appreciate not just for the single-brand, seven-boat fleet idling toward the photographer but the stark landscape behind it. It’s not an “action shot”—and that’s what we like about this image. Even at low speed, DCB catamarans look fast.

To catch a big group of go-fast boats at idle isn’t challenging, happens every day around marinas that serve performance boating hot spots. But to catch a big group of DCB catamaran during the company’s annual owners gathering on Lake Havasu? That’s tricky.

It’s a kind of like, well, herding cats.

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