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Image Of The Week: Heaven Or Hell?

Though I’m far from the first person to confess this, I have a love-hate—mostly hate—relationship with powerboat raft-ups. They make me feel trapped, because as any who knows me will tell you, when I want to go I leave. It’s not always polite, but it is always efficient.

Piece of heaven or slice of hell—you make the call. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Plus, I don’t like being in large groups even if I have plenty of personal space.

No judgement at all, live and let, my friends, whatever floats your boat.

But while the photos above and below of the annual record-setting August raft-up on Lake St. Clair’s Muscamoot Bay in Michigan last Saturday may look like a bit of heaven on the water to you, it looks like Dante’s fifth ring of hell to me.

What does it look to you? Is it heaven, hell or something in between?

Another angle.

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