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Image of the Week: Poker Run Hands

When you think of hands in a poker run, you naturally think of cards gathered during or after the event and played at the end of the day. Fair enough. But this image from the Emerald Coast Poker Run two weekends ago in the Destin, Fla., area offers a different take on hands during one of those game-of-chance, good-time events.


In one place or another, all hands were on deck in this Cigarette V-bottom during the Emerald Coast Poker Run (click image to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright of the Florida Powerboats Club

Check out the hands of the folks in the Cigarette Racing Team 42 Tiger above. Standing behind the driver, you have a gal having a ball and clearly aware of the photographer in the helicopter overhead. All grins next to her is another woman more concerned with hanging onto her hat and next to her is a guy hanging on with his right hand and either getting ready to hang on—or simply trying to keep the glare or spray of his eyes—with his left.

Based on her casual hand position—left on the gunwale and right on her hat—the lady in the co-pilot’s seat appears to be the most relaxed person in the boat. (Look closely and you’ll notice neither of her hands is clenched.) A whole lot less relaxed thanks to the utter futility of multi-tasking, the guy next to her is shouting to the driver while trying to capture a video or still image and holding onto his hat. As for the driver, he’s yanked off his intercom headset in an equally futile attempt to hear the guy next to him.

All speculation, of course, and all in good fun. But as with card hands, human hands tell a story during a poker run.

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