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Image Of The Week: Welcome To The Wozen-Barge

Just outside Havasu Springs Resort, in Parker, Ariz., at the southern end of Lake Havasu, the first card stop of the Desert Storm Poker Run on Lake Havasu is an unusual sight. It’s just a big old barge, but one loaded with women in bikinis, a waterslide, sponsor banners, a makeshift Wozencraft Insurance Agency “office” and whatever else Devin Wozencraft, the high-performance marine insurance man who has sponsored the stop since 2007, believes will make it visible from afar.

Meeting and greeting people at the first Desert Storm Poker Run card-stop every year kicks off the boating season for Devin Wozencraft (far left). Photo courtesy/copyright Wozencraft Insurance Agency.

“We’re not hard to find with 60 feet of real estate on the water in from the Havasu Springs Resort, which donates the barge for card stop,”  Wozencraft said, then laughed.

This time around, Desert Storm card stop No. 1—affectionately labeled the Wozen-Barge by friends of the gentleman who backs it—had a couple of Speed UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles), as well as Speed UTV company founder Robbie Gordon, on board. To help spruce up the floating display, the legendary off-road racer also brought a few bikini-clad Speed UTV representatives with him.

Operating card stop No. 1 at the poker run, Wozencraft said, has been “a thrill and a tradition” that kicks off his own boating season, which means hauling his 30-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran to events around the country for next six months.

Even from a distance, the Wozen-Barge is difficult to miss.

“I remember the days when we’d often be the ones to report which participants would reach us first,” he explained. “Year after year, we’d usually see the regulars like West Coast Skater legend Gary Smith, DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte and others.

“We will continue to run this stop into the future as we enjoy participating in this incredible West Coast event,” he added. “If you haven’t been able to make it out west, come on next year in late April. We’ll see you at the first card stop.”

But long before then, you’ll be able to catch up with Wozencraft during one of the many events he’s planning to hit this season.

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