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Image of the Week: Don’t Look Now

Captured during the Florida Powerboat Club‘s 2014 Tampa Bay Poker Run—the 2015 event is coming up April 16-19—this Jay Nichols’ image is a classic study in mixed use and focus. And it made us chuckle in a good-natured way when we recently discovered it in Nichols’ Flickr Gallery from the 2014 run.


Different vessels, different experiences, different worlds—all good during the Florida Powerboat Club’s 2014 Tampa Bay Poker Run. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image (click image to enlarge).

Check out the guy on the stand-up paddleboard. He has no idea that there’s a high-performance catamaran at idle speed behind him. Check out the guys in the cat who, at least in the exact moment this photo was taken, are not particularly focused on the guy on the paddleboard. And last, check out the gal on the trailing center console. She’s intently focused on nothing but enjoying the sunshine.

Of course, the focal length of Nichols’ lens brought all the objects in this photo closer together than they actually were—we know no one in this image was in anything close to imminent peril. It’s just a great example of how folks in different vessels can share the same waterway, and yet be in completely different worlds.

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