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Image Of The Week: DCB’s Proudest M37R Moment, Part II

Almost five weeks ago we selected one of the most spectacular images we’ve ever seen of a group of DCB Performance Boats catamarans running together as our Image of the Week. The picture taken by photographer Tom Leigh of four M37R Widebody models on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks in late August was so cool, in fact, that we called it “DCB’s Proudest M37R Moment,” with zero expectations of seeing anything cooler anytime soon.

Five of DCB’s M37R Widebody cats powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R engines strutted their stuff on the majestic Lake Havasu. Photo by Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images

Little did we know that a month later the El Cajon, Calif., custom boat builder would put together a photo shoot with five of its 37-foot cats back on Lake Havasu, which borders Arizona and California and is the home lake for both DCB and Leigh.

The gorgeous image above featuring five M37R Widebody cats with twin Mercury Racing 450R engines owned by (from top) David and Sheri Hoekstra, Nick and Monnica Child, Bryce and Ashley Menzies, Kris and Shelby Hansen, and Mac Jenkins is another one of those “nailed it” images as Leigh framed up the on-water action perfectly with help from pilot Fred Young of Las Vegas-based Maverick Helicopter.

“As I said before, the photo shoot from Lake of the Ozarks was not easy to pull off but it turned out amazing,” said Jeff Johnston, president of DCB. “The one in Havasu was just as cool and took just as much coordination to put together. It’s just an awesome feeling to see our clients’ dream boats being showcased in such an amazing way. It’s going to be tough to top this one, but with the team that made it happen—the pilot, the photographer and the five great drivers—I have no doubt we could do something like it again.”

One of the most challenging parts of any photo shoot is the fact that weather is out of everyone’s control, and on that day in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., the shoot was delayed because Young wasn’t able to fly first thing as planned because a thunderstorm was making its way across the desert toward the Colorado River-fed lake. Fortunately for everyone involved, the storm rolled through quick enough that the “perfect morning light” that photographers dream about was spared.

“We were idling at the buoy lines getting rained on waiting for Fred and Tommy to put the chopper up and follow us,” said DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte. “We were all a little stressed waiting, but we were ready to go and, in the end, it worked out perfectly. Plus, by the time Tommy got this shot, all of the water had been blown off the windshield so you can’t even tell we were all soaked.”

Chiaramonte laughed, knowing darn well, that a little luck led to another amazing image.

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