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Image of the Week: DCB Regatta’s Stellar Lineup

Boasting somewhere between 35 and 40 boats in the fleet, yesterday’s DCB Performance Boats Regatta on Lake Havasu in Arizona boasted no shortage of fine hardware. With his keen eye for aesthetics, photographer Jay Nichols captured this image of Summer Richardson and friends chilling out on the bow of her 32-foot DCB catamaran. A talented boat driver in her own right, Richardson earned the title of “Queen of the Desert” during the 2013 Desert Storm Poker Run Shootout in 2012 (London married Travis Richardson, the founder of the popular My Garage App, several months later.)


Summer Richardson, the owner of this DCB F-32, wanted to bring more of the “female element” into the company’s annual regatta. Mission accomplished. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image

Richardson actually got together with Nichols earlier in the day to set up the photo shoot.

“It’s was Summer’s idea—she’s been trying to get somebody to do this shoot for a couple of years,” Nichols said. “She set up the whole thing. She already had a plan. We did it in the late afternoon and the sun was going down, so there’s a little more shadow than I’d like, but it turned OK.

“Summer told me she always wanted to bring more of the ‘female element’ to the DCB Regatta,” he said. “She’s cool as hell.”

By all accounts, the annual event, which was headquartered at the Nautical Inn Resort on the shores of Lake Havasu and was capped with a dinner celebration and costume last night, was a success. According to Nichols, most attendees headed home this morning.

“It was a good turnout, everyone had a great time and everyone got back safely,” said John Teague of Teague Custom Marine in Valencia, Calif. (While his father, Bob Teague, ran a DCB F-32 catamaran with 1,200-hp supercharged TCM engines, John enjoyed the regatta action aboard a twin-engine E-Ticket deckboat.) “It’s always a pleasure to catch up with the DCB guys. This year the event had a more laid-back, casual vibe.”

“This is a really good group of guys, they’re pretty fun,” said Nichols, who currently is compiling images of the event for his Flickr Gallery. “From what I understand, this is DCB’s big party for their customers and they spare no expense. Everyone seemed really happy.”