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Image of the Week: Colorado River Water Colors

Unleash South Florida-based ace photographer Jay Nichols on the high-performance performance powerboat scene on the Colorado River—a place he’s never been before—during the Desert Storm event in late April and you come out with a wealth of remarkable images. That’s what fresh eyes and serious talent will do for you.


Color-matched to the desert landscape, a DCB M31 catamaran rockets down the Colorado River. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols.

Nichols captured this image of a Dave’s Custom Boats M31 Widebody catamaran rocketing down the river a few days before the Desert Storm Poker Run on Lake Havasu.  And by nothing more than pure coincidence, the smouldering colors of the boat appear to be “borrowed” from those of the surrounding desert landscape.

Add the sparkling water, the sunburst on the cat’s wraparound windshield and its perfectly level running attitude—at what appears to be substantial speed—and this compelling image takes on a rare and breathtaking quality. In short, it’s a photo that anyone can appreciate.

Need proof? Just show it to a friend outside the go-fast boat world.