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Image of the Week: Broadco In Flight

Last Wednesday, speedonthewater.com ran a story on the first test session for the Broadco offshore raceboat that runs in the Superboat catamaran class. It wasn’t only the first time Chuck Broaddus, the boat’s owner and driver had spent time in the 40-foot Marine Technology, Inc., cat with Grant Bruggemann, the team’s new throttleman and manager. It was the first time Bruggemann had throttled an MTI. In case you missed the story, you can read all about it went by clicking here.


In In their first test session, Broaddus and Bruggemann aired out the Broadco cat—and ace photographer Pete Boden caught all tha action.

And in case you missed the spectacular Pete Boden image that went with the story, we’re presenting it again as our Image of the Week. As you can see from this shot, Boden, who is in the process of setting up shop in the new digs of Kinetic Animation in Sarasota, Fla., and shoots everything from vintage hydroplanes to state-of-the art offshore raceboats, is at the top of his game.

Two days after this photo was taken, Broadco hit the water again for more testing. Asked how the second test session went, Broaddus said, “Excellent— Grant has got the boat setup spot on. Will be back in Florida the first week in April to run a few more props and acquire more seat time together before the first race.”

We can only hope that Boden will be there to capture the action again.

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