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Image of the Week: Behold Excalibur

And why not? Massively powered, jet-propelled and roll-bar-equipped, tiny aluminum boats rocketing around a tight course in a time-trial format produce enough loud and rowdy action to satisfy any self-respecting gear-head.

excalibur 01

With an abundance of moments like this during seven rounds of competition, it’s not difficult to figure out why Jet Spring racing is so big with motorsports fans in Australia (click image to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright Russell Puckeridge/Pureart Creative Images.

During the most recent event (Round No. 4) at Cabarita Beach in New South Wales, the Excalibur team of Mick Carroll and Tony Giustozzi “came unstuck” during a heat and launched out of the water and off the course.

“Neither inhabitant was hurt, whilst the battle-scarred Excalibur suffered only cosmetic damage and was quickly back on the water although the impact had broken their primary set of blades in the jet unit, something which Giustozzi later admitted cost them a little bit of additional torque,” according to a press release from the event. “Typically that didn’t slow them down too much.”

The cool thing about this image? Take a close look at Carroll and Giustozzi. Despite that they’re momentarily off course, they seem to know exactly where they’re going.

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