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Image Of The Week: Air 28

To say speedonthewater.com chief photographer Pete Boden “lives” for images of powerboats in flight would be a mighty exaggeration. But you could say with confidence that he finds them more interesting to capture than boats nailed to glassy water. That would be true.

During last weekend’s Roar Offshore Fun Run in Southwest Florida, Erick Breckenfelder logged a bit of air time in his 28-foot Skater catamaran. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Conditions during last weekend’s inaugural Roar Offshore Fun Run in Cape Coral, Fla., didn’t lead to much boating action above the water. Still, Boden managed to snag a pretty shot of Erick Breckenfelder, originally from Chicago but now living in Fort Myers, flying his 1998 Skater Powerboats 28 catamaran nice and level during the event.

Careful speedonthewater.com readers with exceptional memories will recall Breckenfelder from a story we produced and published on his TrimSync installation for the 28-footer, which ran on this website a little less than two years ago today.

We’re sure he put it to good use last weekend.

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