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Image Of The Week: Absolute Focus

With a new event happening in Southwest Florida every day for the past four days, Sarasota-based speedonthewater.com photographer Pete Boden and I got into a publishing groove. While I was finishing telephone interviews and a story draft 3,000 miles away in Northern California, he was editing images for delivery. Typically, by the time the story was mostly finished in the late afternoon here, Boden’s images would arrive via WeTransfer. Then it was my turn to select and size images, add them to the story and publish.

Though they have no shortage of fun on the water in their 34-foot MTI catamaran, Greg Harris and Yvonne Aleman take it seriously. Photo from the 2020 Munyan Run by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

In four days, I looked at more than 300 images, most of them so good they made the selection process difficult. (For the record, that is a high-class media problem.) But there was this one head-on, moody middle-distance shot that caught my eye. When I zoomed in, the image got better—and it had enough resolution to handle the expansion that comes with tight photo-cropping.

As I continued to zoom in, I noticed that the boat was Mad Props, a MTI 340X catamaran piloted by our friends Greg Harris and Yvonne Aleman of South Florida. Harris throttles and Aleman drives the 34-footer—they share the entire experience as a couple with equal roles of responsibility. And to their credit, they take it seriously. From the time they leave the dock to the time they tie up at the end of the day, their focus is absolute.

That isn’t to say Harris and Aleman don’t have a good time on the water—they do. They just stay focused, and this Image of the Week captures that perfectly.

The original image before cropping.

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