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Image of the Week 2015 Countdown: No. 2—‘River Dave’s Replacement in Training’

No matter how well the performance-boat industry attracts new buyers, much of its future rests with the children of current performance-boat owners. Right now, those kids are getting exposure, likely to be backed by fond childhood memories, to something most folks struggle to understand, much less embrace. We all hope the market grows beyond folks who were raised around go-fast boats, but those who were usually develop the “water-and-speed gene” early and carry it forever.

danieljohnson 01

Like father like son? We’d bet the farm on it when it comes to to Daniel David Johnson. Photo courtesy/copyright Dave Johnson/River Dave’s Place (click image to enlarge).

To us, the image above of Daniel David Johnson—the son of Dave Johnson, the owner and operator of the wildly successful River Dave’s Place website that caters to go-fast boat lovers who enjoy the waters of Lake Havasu, Lake Moovalya (commonly know as the Parker Strip) and other Colorado River-fed lakes—foreshadows a significant portion of the future of the industry. We don’t know if young Daniel, who was just two years old when this picture was taken in early 2015, will eventually take the reigns of the website from his father, but we’d bet our last nickel that he ends up as a lifelong performance-boat owner.

Not to mention that the kid looks cute as hell behind the wheel of his dad’s 21-foot Schiada.

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