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Ilmor-Powered Formula 382 Update: Still Dialing In


Yesterday’s “dial-in” session of the first Formula Boats 382 FAS3Tech to be equipped with twin 725-hp V-10 engines and Indy drives from Ilmor Marine produced solid results, according to Scott Smith, the marketing manager for the Decatur, Ind., company. Smith said that Formula’s propulsion team had the boat on the water for several hours, and while he declined to provide a specific top speed, he said that the 38-footer ran in the “90-mph” range and that the team was pleased with 10,000-pound stepped V-bottom’s acceleration.

“They’re still working with setup including X-dimension, gear ratios and propellers,” said Smith. “When they’re done, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 382 with Ilmors run 96 mph.”

Smith added that as of today the boat was back in the company’s paint booth for cosmetic touch-up work. Today’s planned on-water testing was canceled because of 40-plus-mph sustained winds.

Editor’s Note: Speedonthewater.com will provide additional reports on this project as it develops.

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