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Iconic’s Boat Show Before The Boat Shows

For serious performance boaters looking to get their hands on a new Baja MarineDonzi Marine or Fountain Powerboats model, next month’s unique event seems like a perfect opportunity. Iconic Marine Group, the Washington, N.C., company behind the Baja, Donzi and Fountain brands, announced recently that it was inviting interested customer to come to the factory for “The Boat Show Before The Boat Shows.”

iconic boatshow baja sotw

Interested in buying a new Baja, Donzi or Fountain? Call the Iconic Marine Group factory today to take part in the company’s first Boat Show Before The Boat Shows event coming next month. Photos courtesy Iconic Marine Group

iconic boatshow1Scheduled from October 9-11 in Washington, select models from the company’s just-introduced 2020 Fountain, Donzi and Baja fleets are going to be available to test drive and pre-order. Organized by the brands’ dealer association, the VIP event is closed to the general public and only accessible via dealer invitation.

“The day after dealers preview our 2020 lineup, we’re going to open up the marina here at the factory and bring in VIP customers to sea trial select models,” said Jeff Harris, Iconic’s chief operating officer. “This special event gives boaters the chance to avoid the crowds at boat shows, where boats are usually on a trailer, tied up in the marina or have a two-hour wait for an abbreviated demo ride that doesn’t necessarily accomplish what it should.

“Getting on the water and driving a boat yourself is the ultimate performance test—and for those fortunate enough to come to our Boat Show Before The Boat Shows event, that opportunity is going to be provided with several of our models,” Harris continued. “Touring the factory gives buyers an x-ray look at what’s under the gelcoat and interior. Interested buyers are going to be able to meet the engineers and the people who make Fountain, Baja and Donzi go. They’ll also get a sneak peek of some of the next-generation performance products we have in the works.”

Harris, who added that attendees will get the opportunity for a one-on-one visit with racing legend and company namesake Reggie Fountain, said that there are going to be several models available to demo with Mercury Racing’s new 450R engines.

iconic boatshow factory

The Washington, N.C., facility on the Pamlico River provides an excellent venue for test driving performance boats.

As part of its complete line of fishing and luxury outboards, Team Fountain is featuring five boats in the water highlighted by the 39NX, the company’s first bluewater center console powered by triple 450R engines. New from Donzi is the next-generation 41GTZ complete with a hardtop and an all-new interior design. (Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks on speedonthewater.com.) Brand loyalists are likely to marvel at the stunning 55th anniversary edition 22 Classic options package as well. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, the revolutionary 125-mph all-carbon-fiber 44 Icon is going to be available for select VIPs.

Team Baja is going to feature three Outlaw models in the water, complete with new graphics and options packages. Potential buyers can spec a custom boat then power to the top of the build list for 2020.

As an added incentive, IMG plans to reimburse up to $1,000 in travel expenses for anyone who orders at the event. Harris made sure to point out that reservations are extremely limited and said that interested VIP buyers should call (252) 974-1638 for details and the location of the nearest IMG dealer.

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