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HydroHoist Boat Lifts Announces Most Versatile Lift Capable of Raising 25,000 Pounds

HydroHoist Boat Lifts, a leading manufacturer of marine dock equipment located in Claremore, Okla., announced the release of its most versatile hydro-pneumatic boat lift available, the HarborHoist.


HydroHoist Boat Lifts announced its new HarborHoist, shown here with a quad-engine Concept Boats center console on it.

According to the press release, HarborHoist is the most versatile, free-floating boat lift on the market. Built to protect the value of a vessel in adverse weather conditions and the harsh marine environment, the unit is constructed with rugged, marine-grade, impact-resistant polyethylene tanks and an aluminum frame to extend the life of the product.

With a capacity to handle boats between 4,400 and 25,000 pounds, HarborHoist is constructed of high-quality materials to enhance longevity in saltwater applications. In addition, HarborHoist includes a self-leveling lift system for added safety when launching and stowing. It is compatible with fixed or floating docks and works with all types of dock applications, including U-shape, double-wide slips, L-shape or square dock spaces. The hull support system can be configured for nearly all types of boats, including stern drive, outboard, tow/wake, pontoon and tritoons.

Designed for easy installation, HarborHoist can simply be tied to a dock or moored with a conventional mooring system. With its standard rope mooring system there is no permanent attachment to the dock, which allows the unit to be easily moved in places that are prone to flooding and hurricanes.

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HarborHoist is equipped with a push-button controller and non-skid walkways mounted to the top of the tanks that run the full length for easy access in both the up or down position. This allows for easy and safe loading and unloading of passengers. Its low-profile design also does not obstruct shoreline views. With simple and intuitive assembly and installation, the HarborHoist operates using standard 110 VAC power and can also be operated by an 1,800-watt generator, inverter or solar power system. Canopies are available for additional vessel protection.

“We have seen incredible reception to smaller versions of the HarborHoist we introduced this year and received immediate requests to increase lifting capacity,” said Mick Webber, CEO of HydroHoist Marine Group. “To meet customer demand, we increased the size of the product, maximized lift capacity and increased the flexibility of the types of boats supported. With decades of experience and superior product knowledge of the industry, we have been able to apply our technology to manufacturing the most advanced floating salt and freshwater boat lift on the market.”

For more information on HarborHoist, HydroHoist or its entire range of hydro-pneumatic boat lifts, visit boatlift.com.

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