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Hull Plug Complete For 36-Foot Outerlimits Sport Catamaran

In February, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats began consulting with veteran offshore racer and high-performance marine industry figure Steve Curtis of Orlando-based Offshore Racing Services on the hull design for its first outboard engine-powered sport catamaran. But Curtis and the team at the Bristol, R.I., custom go-fast V-bottom and catamaran builder really began honing in on a final design for the 36-footer in the past four months. Now the plug for hull, which was created on a three-dimensional CNC machine (check out the timelapse video below), is complete.

outer36plug 01

With the completion of the hull plug for its 36-footer, Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats moved one step closer to introducing its first outboard engine-powered sport catamaran (click image for full frame).

Company facilities manager Jason Amaral said the hull mold should be complete sometime next week and that the Outerlimits crew is in the process of creating the deck plug for the new six-seater.

“The 36-foot Outerlimits sport catamaran has a lot of totally new design features,” said Curtis, who will throttle his usual ride—the Miss GEICO team’s Class One 41-foot Victory catamaran—at the upcoming Roar Offshore, the APBA Offshore Championship Series season finale in Fort Myers Beach, Fla. “We have changed our thought process from what everyone else seems to be doing.

“Our main concern is acceleration and cornering,” he continued. “The running surface is not as long as the new Skater and MTI sport cats but we have tried to keep the steps stretched out to give the feel of a longer boat. The profile of the boat is as low as we can go to keep the frontal area down and also the vertical center of gravity. There are a lot more small things that we have incorporated into the design of which I’m sure they won’t all work but they can all be taken out if they do not prove effective. It is a great project to work on.”

Outerlimits is shooting for an April 2020 debut for the cat. It will be constructed without a rubrail and offered with Mercury Racing 450R, 400R and 300R outboard engines.

Though plenty of competition already exists in the sport cat market, the company’s decision-makers are banking on expressed demand from Outerlimits customers. The first two 36-footers are already sold to existing Outerlimits clients, according to Amaral.

“A lot of our customers have been waiting for this boat,” he said. “We are carrying over a lot of styling from our existing catamaran line as well as our SV sit-down V-bottom line. It’s going to be a very user friendly boat with a nice sunpad in the back, fender and line lockers in the deck, and a nice windshield. We can offer it from the factory with a really nice paintjob, though our customers who want to go wild—we are a custom builder after all—can reach out to Stephen Miles Design, Visual Imagination or whoever they want for custom paint.”

Pricing has not been determined. “It will be very competitive with the other sport catamarans already out there,” said Amaral.

Dan Kleitz, the company’s sales manager, said that Outerlimits currently is taking orders for the 36-footer and that interested buyers should contact him directly.

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